Ambient Space Meditation (ASM) is a genre of music that is hard to define. It springs from the ambient genre but the most striking difference is the habitual absence of drums or any kind of rhythmic motif. ASM is superficially similar to sub-genres within the ambient / new age genre known as `drone music’ and `space music’. However, ASM tends to possess a more classical / emotional and even romantic content, with elements such as traditional instruments and classical melodic phrases mixed with more other-worldly electronic pads and atmospheres.

The emotion roused when listening to ASM stems from musing about far-away places; not only far in physical space but far in the past and the future. It is the music that defines an `impossible nostalgia’ for dimensions to which the listener has never been but yearns to return to. It is as though the listener has glimpsed these dimensions – perhaps as fleeting feelings and sounds when waking in the middle of the night and submitting to the far-off sounds outside.

With ASM there is general negation of the superficial physical world and of the people within it. The music could be said to spring from a baron landscape in the distant future with human race gone but with the grand colossal architecture in tact.

ASM music conjures in the human mind nostalgic, glorious, spectral awe and other-worldliness. We are transformed, our minds filled with the expression of hope and peaceful return to our original spirit which came from this nameless other-ness which is within us always.

My ASM tracks can accompany a wide range of mindful meditation practices and are also suitable for soundtrack to media projects, especially New Age subjects and fringe science documentaries.

** uplifting, ethereal, calming, relaxing, other-worldly **

The five albums are available on iTunes.