Sound Design

Atonoise II by HGF

I could play withk this for hours. A great synth which I have on my PC. Wonderful ambient sounds.

Electronica Symphony

As part of my sound design project I composed a three movement piece for synthesized instruments; Electronica Symphony. The mysterious sound textures are influenced somewhat by music for sci-fi and horror genre screenplays. It’s the opposite of my uplifting new age music and is not intended to be easy to listen to. The work hopefully arouses in the listener the sense of wonder and other-worldliness. It is as if we are taking a glimpse into a another dimension – an aural dimension where sound is alive and has its own will and consciousness.


Lower Astral – Horror Fantasy Score II

Be afraid….this short piece was created with “ScapesWizard” software by H G Fortune.

Horror Fantasy Score I

Be afraid! Horror Fantasy Score I

Atmospheric Soundscape for a Virtual World


Let Us Sleep

This is another drone-inspired sleep enhancer – but this time, the drone is provided by an orchestral chord from a 1974 recording of a Richard Strauss Tone Poem – slowed down 800 times! There is a lone melody /motif in the soprano, which is a plaintive synthesized female choir. The only other element is a synth pad gently panning across the musical landscape.

Listening recommendation: Low to medium volume, using earphones or pillow speakers.



A warm and spine-tingling chord progression is carried across the listener’s mind-scape, accompanied by an occasional simple plaintive motif. Ideal for meditation, relaxation or sleep enhancement.

Listening recommendation: Low to medium volume, using earphones or pillow speakers.

Restive Sleep – Into the Sky

This is a drone-inspired sleep enhancer with a rather dreamy effect. I prefer to include a melody or motif in this type of piece to add interest and points of focus in an otherwise plain, even if sensuous, wall of sound.

However, such motifs should not be too frequent or too complex as they have a detrimental effect on the `suspended consciousness’ effect of the piece as a whole. Excessive melodic and harmonic movement – and emphasizing rhythm (especially with drums) – is not conducive to this type of uplifting meditative piece.

Listening recommendation: Low to medium volume, using earphones or pillow speakers.


Propellerhead’s Reason

Propellerhead’s `Reason’ is software associated with commercial electronic music (trance, techno, dance music and ambient genres in particular). Reason 4 is my music sequencer of choice when it comes to my own compositions. My classical piano albums were all produced with Reason’s acoustic piano samples, not a `real’ piano. There is no acoustic or classical orchestral instrument that can not be sampled and played on Reason. It is also the most stable music software I have used.

In fact, almost all my ambient / new age / space music is produced on Reason 4. I have purchased a wide variety of special `Refills’ which are samples of aural atmospheres, textures, pads, sound effects and acoustic instruments. I also like to create my own musical textures and instruments within reason.


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