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Pure Space Promo

Three full tracks from my album `Pure Space’. The album, containing nine tracks, is on sale on Itunes

Vespas – track from new album `Rivers of the Overworlds’.


Below is a link to the second track from a new album, `Rivers of the Overworlds,’ which has not been published and will not available on itunes or other stores for some months. However, I have linked to the full track as a taster of the album.

This track has a minimalist feel, with gentle rhythmic base accompanying the dreamy pads and atmospheric elements on which the track is based.

Restive Sleep – Into the Sky

This calm soundscape with gentle drone features recurring melodic and harmonic motifs. The overall impression is of `musical white noise’ that delivers a sense of total harmony. The tonality and absence of dissonance sends the listener into a dream world. I used Sawcutter 2 to create a basic harmonic drone. I placed an extended wav file of the drone into `Reaper’ sequencer and added solo parts with `Reason 4′ sequencer. I put the result into `Audacity’ audio editor and added a suitable soundscape patch from ScapesWizard.

Deep White Noise for Sleep

White noise helps us sleep.White noise helps us sleep but most white noise recordings are a little too high-pitched. So I decided to create my own sleep noise – the result is white noise but at a lower pitch with less `hiss’ and a hint of rumbling (though not quite a `drone’). You could call it `mellow noise’. I’ve tried it out with headphones it and it is very calming and blocks out disruptive noises in the environment. The video I made lasts for over 25 minutes. Enjoy.

The Depths of Space

The Depths of Space is a piece belonging to the `Ambient and Space Meditation’ genre. Like most of my music in this genre, it is rather spectral and `other-worldly’ in texture and sound but also has a romantic feel and pace. It belongs to a spacey collection/album titled `Beyond.’ You can listen to the entire piece online via the link below.

Sound Design with ScapesWizard: Horror Fantasy Score

Be afraid….I created this short piece with “ScapesWizard” software by H G Fortune.

Although this piece is a little on the dark side and not as uplifting as the sort of music I like to write, it does display very well the ability of this wonderful software to create atmospheres, soundscapes and unusual sound textures.


Ancient Nostalga Series of New Age Pieces

Ancient Nostalga 1 is a sound Fariytale told with mystical chords high in synth strings.

Like so many of my new age pieces, this Ancient Nostalga 2 and 3 reflect the essence of the night – the mystical warmth of a summer’s night when it is difficult to sleep and our minds turn to far distant places. The music shimmers with reflections of sights and moods.



Ancient Nostalga 4 and 5 warm the heart with hymn-like ballads of lush synth strings and distant wordless choirs. The effect is uplifting.



Congregational Hymnary for Orchestra


Listen to a selection of beautiful four-part hymns I arranged for digital (computer) orchestra.

Spotlights on Songcast Radio

Three of my pieces were recently featured on the Indie Artist show on Songcast Radio.

“Sun and Moon” was included on “Spotlight on New Age” on Saturday, Apr 12, 2014

“Mozart Piano Sonata K330 First Movement” and “Schubert 36 Dances D365 Op9” were featured on “Spotlight on Opera” on Thursday, Apr 17, 2014

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