Music for Moving Meditation was inspired by the Chinese Wand exercise system. After teaching Tai Chi for about thirty years I came across a book about these wonderful exercises written by American Bruce Johnson. Johnson recommended `down tempo’ music to accompany the exercises. Although traditional Chinese music is popular and customary at Tai Chi classes and events, when I wrote my book Jiangan – The Chinese Health Wand (Singing Dragon Books, London 2011) I decided to write music especially for the character and quality of the wand exercises. There is a constant ebb and flow with the movements, in tune with natural deep breathing or waves braking on a shore. I also wanted to capture the meditative aspect as the mindful movements raise the consciousness to higher levels. The music in this album is also suitable for Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi or any other gentle relaxation class. The aural landscapes of gentle pad sounds are conductive to flowing expansive movements.